Purchased Marketplace Assets not available for download

I have bought assets from the marketplace about a month ago, and they showed up in the library section available for download. In the last week I bought a few more items from the marketplace and they are not showing up in the library to download. I have looked everywhere and can no find anyplace to download them.

Hi Wookify,

What is the status on the content button? Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help you out.

The status on the content button is Purchased, with what looks like a little download symbol next to it, but it does nothing.

But none of these show up in the vault to download. Like I said, on the Top-Down city it worked great, but now it’s not working.

Content generally will not show up in the Vault until it is downloaded. You should be able to download it if you click on the content. When you do this, do you see the yellow download button on the right?

So this is really weird,I think it’s a bug, when I click the content it comes up and still says to buy.

But if I click the Buy button again, then it switches to the Download Option

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. That is a strange issue, I’ll inform our Launcher team to be on the look out for this. I’m glad you got it working though.