Purchased Content No Longer on Store

I bought the ArcherAnimSetPro but its no longer on the Marketplace and I can no longer download it?

It seems the seller has been removed.

How can I still access it?

Thanks for your help

It should still be in your launcher, no?

Strangest thing… It had disappeared from the launcher (but only on that specific machine). On that machine, I restarted launcher, still missing. My other machine had it. That is when I made post.

This morning, both machines have it. Strange… but it is working now

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A lot of old un-updated assets from UE4 have just been removed from being downloaded from my vault. You may want to make a backup. I’m not sure if this is a temporary bug, but if they’re actually removing the ability for me as an owner to even download them, well, that’s pretty disgraceful.

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Update: My situation is similar to OP, now they are suddenly there again. It was very strange as I had used some of those assets the day before (and also deleted some from vault cache manually). It kept saying “unavailable”. But now it just appeared in the launcher again. Bizarre :confused: Launcher bugs I guess.