Purchased apps

I have purchased 4 shooter apps. When I look at them in the library they are supported up to 4.26. When I look at them in the marketplace 3 the apps don’t show that I own them. Thus they will not work in 4.27. I have put in tickets on the apps. Epic no help.
I did pay for one of the apps twice. This fix the problem. I did ask Epic to refund the money. No refund yet. About 2-3 weeks ago.

Epic I can’t get any upgrades on the apps I have purchased. When I look at them in the Marketplace it does not say “owned”. Epic do you understand what I am saying? Your silence is very strange.

No help from Epic. I am getting my statements from MC for the last 6 years. In them will be Epics. If you haven’t fixed the problem by then I will stop paymnet on the ones you haave messed up. Character Interaction is one of them. I paid $149 for it. And I can not do an upgrade.

Epic staff do not usually monitor these forums for customer service problems, so you will need to take up your issues with them through the marketplace.

These forums are mainly frequented by users, so I imagine that the most you can expect here is to get feedback from users who may have had similar issues.