Puppet Controller triggering Maya Blend shapes via input (button press) in 4.19

Hello Hivemind!

Im trying to get my head around the following. Im working on a virtual puppet controller system in UE4 and I not very knowledgeable in regards to blueprints. (im a creative / designer with little programming skills :D) But im willing to learn!

I have a puppet head from maya with blend shapes (Mouth open - Mouth Closed) exported as a FBX with morph targets.

What i want to do is to do the puppeteering within UE4. So when I push a button I trigger the mouth open blend shape and when i release it goes back to the closed blend shape. Like the old school muppet show characters. So imagine it has to work quite quickly to get fast mouth movements.

How would I set this up in UE4. I have been looking at various tutorials for triggering animation but I haven found anything what I can get my head around. I think im getting confused in the Pawn blueprints vs animation blueprints and where i need to/how to trigger morph targets / blend shapes

I was hoping that the UE4 Hivemind could guide me in the somewhat right direction.