Pulling objects with a cable (crane-like physics)

I really need some advice here, please. I’m trying to create something like a crane pulling cargo box from ground and putting it back with a cable. I need to make it work with physics. And while crate on the cable it must have some swing. Not just go straight up. What is the best way to implement this?

I tried to do it with PhysicsConstraint component and it’s linear motor motors but it stops the cable from swinging at all… And I need that swing. Also I tried to set linear limits to limited and change “Limit” value. It works on some degree. I mean I can pull the cable that way, but I loosing ALL the angular limits. And I need it also. I need a little bit of swing, but not too much.

So what is the best way to make such things? Seems like a very generic stuff, but I can’t find a answer.


Make the box a skeletal mesh.
2 bones. 1 as the hook, second as the box.
create a phat asset for it. Set the limits to taste.

you then fake the cable connection between the hook bone and the top of the crane.

You can actually expand this to work with an empty mesh, a skeleton and sockets, but - the point of the phat is to take control of the physics components directly by setting the crate weight and size inside the phat asset itself.

Other than that, usually when you constrain something you set the same limits you have in the phat asset inside the constraint options.
if you check the content examples you have several ones where the constraints swing as you are asking just fine. Granted, this was before chaos.

Thank you for reply!

I have a skeletal mesh on cargo box and physics asset. And I can attach it to top of the crane, but main problem is to pull the crate to the top with the cable. What is the best way to implement this? I tried adding force at location, operating limit offset value and just changing position of the object, but non of it really work for me… The best result I get from changing linear limit offset , but I have a strange problem - as offset value increases box starting to wierdly shake. It’s something related to linear limits. If I turn it off shaking is gone.