Pulling a list of player names from the server...

Hello everyone,

I am back with another question after hours and hours of messing around with the ADK I have finally got my first mod to work and loaded in game. YAY FOR ME!, now I am trying to edit that mod to do a bit more. One of the things I want to do and I dont even know if it is possible is to get a list of player names that are currently connected to the server and display them. I have been looking around but I am unsure how this could be done. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Now to go a bit further in depth with what I am looking for in case that did not describe it well enough. I have created a Server Info UI to display information about the server such as website, teamspeak, info, and server rules along with the a list of mods that we run on our server following one of the tutorials I found on the website. A basics to adding UI to the game. I would like one of my collums on the UI to display a list of active members on the server.

As always thanks in advance for putting up with my questions.

Where are you creating the UI?