Pull Requests

I was roaming through all of the awesome pull requests on Github and I am amazed that nothing has been merged since June. Epic, you have a community that wants to help make your engine better…yet, no one has paid attention to the PR’s. With the influx of Fortnight and investor cash, maybe hire additional personnel to help incorporate changes into the engine? Or, maybe once a month have Pull Requests Friday’s… Have all of the engineers review at least one PR. ← Too simplistic, but you get the point. Basically, add some urgency…


That’s simply not true.

Of course, I’d love to see more pull requests to be accepted. The problem is probably that you can’t simply hire people working exclusively/mostly on PRs. You need to assign a Sequencer programmer to Sequencer-related PR to minimize risk of messing up something…

Yep, you are right… I must have done something wrong on the search.


If they would have hired me it would have roughly decreased by 1/6th :wink:

I am surprised that they didn’t yet, honestly, you made more quality of life commits in the recent time than the whole Epic staff.

Still, most of PRs with more than 2 lines of changes are usually being ignored for a long time. I like it very much that whenever an issue is actually reviewed by a dev, the response is actually great - always detailed, clear. However, in many times, it never gets there. There are even 4 year old PRs, and also numerous quality of life changes and smaller features in the recent time too, for which all the response so far is “Waiting for review”. You work with it, you test it, and then it’s going to be ignored for 3 years without a word. It’s just demotivating the devs from future contributions.

And anyways it might be a wider problem, the same applies for the bug tracker (issue votes) and feature requests. It’s not so positive that they ignore whatever the community needs and asks for. I like many aspects of Epic, but honestly saying, ignoring long standing issues is now the norm here (just think about Vault categories, many years old trivial Blueprint bugs like inherited wildcards or case-insensitive renaming).

I’m surprised they didn’t yet, honestly, you made more quality-of-life changes in the past time than Epic :smiley:

Well, most of the PRs with more than 2 lines of changes are usually ignored for a very long time. Whenever it’s reviewed by a dev, the response is always great - clean, detailed description about why it was accepted or declined. However, many issues are months and years old, and many of them were never looked at with more than a “Waiting for review” (Meaning “We might take a look at it in the next 10 years”) or “Backlogged” (Meaning “You can even remove it, going to ignore it forever”) badge. It can demotivate the capable ones from contributing.

But the problem might be wider than just the handling of PRs, I think it’s the handling of the community. Just look at some long-standing issues like categories for the Vault in the launcher, or literally 3 years old, trivial BP and UMG issues with a hundred votes, ignored not-even-demanding features requested twenty million times, while implementing features instead, that will only be relevant to like 0.001% of the community (they are great, but why are they the priority?). In many aspects I really love Epic, UDN responses are great, many staff members are on the forums and are being active, it’s awesome that they always give something to the community, let it be Paragon assets or free Marketplace items. However, I’m not sure if it’s enough. Imagine giving a child a new toy every day, but never listen to him whatever he says. I think she would be much happier by having their parents around instead of having a bunch of toys. I’m not saying it’s a perfect mirror, but I hope you see my point. I don’t really see the developers having any voice in the decision making, Epic seems to work on whatever they think is important, and all you can do is discuss hacks around problems which should be part of the engine.

Of course it’s not always so dramatic :smiley: But, well, this is how one might feel sometimes.