Pull requests are piling up

In the last 2-3 months the number of active pull requests has been constantly increasing from 200 to over 400 now, and only few seem to be getting reviewed.

What’s up with that?

Wow, you are not kidding… The first one, multi-monitor looks interesting! I’ll have to cherry pick and try it!


The number dropped for a short time after multiple merges, but it’s already back to 400 again. Why are there so many pull requests stuck forever in “waiting for review”?

I have a feeling mine won’t get reviewed, ever… There is too many PRs waiting for review.

Well, probably the simplest answer would be true. They don’t have enough manpower to do this :wink:

Although it would be awesome if they would apply simple PRs like “typo fix” or “adding this simple but useful getter functions” quickly (like 2 weeks after sending). It could be only several small requests per programmer every month…

Up to 460 now. They’ve also stopped labeling them with waiting for review, or closing the few that do get accepted. Seems like they don’t care about PRs anymore.

Is there something else going on? All this silence etc…
Roadmap shelved, Alex P leaves, minimal forum Q/A.
Are Epic just busy, or working on something ‘Secret’?
Things seemed this way before 2014 release of UE4…
Epic aren’t being sold to Unity etc? Just ‘Fake News’!..

No. They just shifted focus on Engine Development. Right now it seems to be focused on internal games project, enterprise (things like VR, AR, visualizations), then AAA developers and then rest.
Fortnite at least seems to be aligned with what most people beign requesting for long time (improved world composition, landscapes, better handling of big worlds, dynamic lighting).

And up to 515 now!