Pull Request assignment, review etc

Just wondering if we could have some way for pull requests to be acknowledged when somebody from the Epic team has had a look at them?
I submitted 2 of them a couple weeks ago (434 and 432), and though a member of the team acknowledged via email that they’d seen them, there’s been no comment or anything further since to indicate that they’re being reviewed, declined, or not yet assigned to anybody.
Even just a comment on any community-submitted PRs indicating that a member of the team has been assigned to review it would be great, especially seeing as in my case, one of them is a feature that I’ll be using in a further pull request at a later point.
Something like this would help us to better know if a PR has simply become lost in the pile, or is being looked at, even if the review proceeds slowly.

Hey twiddle. Every single pull request is read by a developer and converted into an entry in our internal issue tracking database. We treat pull requests extremely importantly and we try to “fast track” any great code that is contributed. We’re still learning about the process and feedback about it is actually really valuable.

With our current setup it sort of depends on timing – when it lands and what team member the issue is assigned to. Your requests are still open and pending review. I’m going to ponder tonight about how we can improve the process and make it more transparent if not faster with more dialogue. Very sorry for the delay, and we appreciate the submissions so much!!


That’s horrifying Mike, here I was hoping that nobody ever saw my first ill conceived pull request.

Take heart James, I must admit to being somewhat mortified at times when a mistake is left to ‘hang out’, as it were. However, I’m convinced that handling those mistakes quickly and professionally creates a positive impression that outweighs the negative one given by the original stuff-up. :slight_smile:
Anyways, thanks Mike for letting me know that there have definitely been some eyes on all the PRs. That helps a lot :slight_smile: