Pull request #6157: Linux bash script fixes and updates


I’ve created a pull request for a set of general script fixes for building third-party libraries on linux platforms.

This pull request:

  • cleans up and fixes several issues with building third party libraries
  • ensures that libraries that need to be built using clang, get build using the internal libcxx libraries

If you try to build the third-party libraries on an native Ubuntu-18.04 linux host on x86_64, it will fail. The third-party build scripts have not been maintained and this pull request aims to fix native build issues on x86_64 (ie.g. not using docker containers).

These fixes arose as a result of porting and adding build support for UE4 on IBM Power9 (ppc64le) and NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (aarch64) platforms.

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

Thanks, I love it. How’s the build/port process going?

The initial pull request was declined, since Epic stated that they did not want to maintain a ppc64le port. I have reworked the pull request and created a new one, with only the general linux script fixes and updates, so that the deltas between master branch and a master-ppc64le branch are kept to a minimum,

Still working on the ppc64le port, about 10 more third-party libraries to add to the third-party library build process, before I can run the UE4Editor on ppc64le.