Pull in opposite direction

So right now the below BP is not pulling in the direction I want it to go. The code you can see is determining the pull direction. Is there anything I can change in this BP or add to it that will allow me to pull in the opposite direction.

Hard to tell what you are actually doing here.
Atan is an opposite or inverse already, the normal one would be a tangent.
Maybe that’s all you need.
(change Atan2) to Tand and feed it your X assuming that’s the forward vector (in the right handed coordinate system it should be)

When I right click in the BP and search for tangent I don’t see anything like the Atan2 node with the a and b input. What do I type in when I right click to get the tangent you are talking about?

You won’t have both inputs and likely don’t need them.
just type trig for all the trigonometry functions.