Publishing UE4 games to Google Web Store

Hey All,

I am new to UE4 and was wondering whether it is possible to publish UE4 HTML5 games to the google web store.
How stable is the HTML5 support in UE4?
Did anyone try this out already?


I’m going to guess no, since it probably needs some kind of Chrome integrations

Not out of the box but you hace source access so it is totally possible.

Yeah, I understand that since I have the code accessible to me this option is possible.
I was just wondering whether this could work out of the box.

Have you tried out the HTML5 generation?

I did yes, it’s not that tricky heheh the only important thing is that you have to pre-gzip the generated files (the big ones) and serve it from a web server that allows pre gzipped content (you can also gzip on the server but that will consume a lot of resources on your server). If you are able to pre-gezip stuff you can test it using a 32 bit browser without an issue, if you do not want to perform that extra step just test with 64 bit browser. Also if you run out of memory it might that you have to use a bigger heap, check the config files of the Tappy Chicken sample, they use a heap of 256 MB which can be a bit low in some cases.

Are you confusing it with the Play Store?

I think not, he just asked: Have you tried out the HTML5 generation? Which I had :smiley: The Play Store is for Android (or do you refer to the Chrome Web Store?).

Just a side node, I’m on 4.4 for my HTML5 tests :smiley:

My bad, apparently the Chrome Packaged Apps have been discontinued, they are called Chrome Apps now with a max limit of 2GB (for an offline app).

Thanks for the replies, I will give it a try and update you on the results on my end