Publishing to DVD


I’m entering a high school competition for video game design. The competition requires that the game be submitted on a DVD with no external software required to play. Is this feasible using Unreal Engine 4? If not, are there any good engines that would better fit these requirements?

Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t have a problem including all your game files on the DVD (barring size constraints), but the one thing I’d be concerned about are the C++ runtimes that are required for UE4. I’d reach out to them to ask if those count as additional software, as for a game design competition it seems a bit outrageous to not allow runtimes to be installed either beforehand or for the game.

Yes, You just have to make sure that it fits, But I don’t know if the game with through a fit for not being able to create a log for the session.

I am assuming that “no external software required to play” means does not include runtimes and such.