Publisher Portal Project File Link

I’m trying to release an update for my plugin, but for some reason I’m not able to change the Project File Link for engine version 4.26. Instead of an editable field, it’s a direct link to the plugin files. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know how to solve it?

Hey @Hrimfisk! Welcome to the Forums!

The Unreal Marketplace only supports the most recent 3 versions of Unreal for plugins, which in this case are 4.27, 5.0, and 5.1.

I hope that clears any confusion!

Thank you for your response, that definitely clears up some confusion. What about the existing 4.26 version of the plugin? The marketplace page still says it supports 4.26 but that version has a couple major bugs that were fixed with my recent update.

Hey @Hrimfisk,

If the 4.26 version contains major bugs, I would reach out to marketplace support to see if there is anything they can do for you manually.