Published Game Didn't Sell - Looking for Work (BPs, Production, Design, Management)

I am an experienced (10 years) unreal developer. Unfortunately our game didn’t sell, so I would like to join another cool team that is starting to produce or is in middle of another project. It can be game, a serious game, video production, etc.
I have skills in pushing an idea all the way to a release:

  • Project management
  • Plan and build game systems
  • Develop production pipelines
  • Getting talent, manage talent
  • Take care of game design, make sure it aligns with budgets and available talent
  • Blueprint Script (7 years)
  • Design, Art direction
  • Widgets, UI and UX
  • Audio design management
  • Localization (setting project up for localization)

I am a good problem solver, and I believe that I would be a great asset to a production studio. I led a team of 12 people. I am also very easy to talk to and I integrate well with other people.
I would also make sure that the mistakes we have done in our own production wouldn’t happen in the next, and I can share a lot of this information.
I would like around 25 EUR per hour.
Thank you!

I know your Pain, I hope you the best in future projects

Thank you. It’s pretty difficult to find a team to join, to be honest.

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Hey Pavelioso, what game did you work on?

Hello do you have discord? I would like to contact you!

Hello! Apologies for the extremely late reply, I had to finish up some personal stuff.
I’ve sent you a DM!