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Hi, how do I publish a game in the Epic Game Store ? And is there a way to provide coupon codes?

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Thanks for reaching out about this. You can find our guide by following the “Getting Started” walkthrough to help assist you in bringing your title to the Epic Games Store. If you have any additional question, don’t hesitate to follow back up!

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One more question! When I pushed my game to stage it flagged that I didn’t update the FAQ page. I cannot find it anywhere. Where is it? Thank you!

No problem at all!

For the FAQ Page, you can head to “Pages” in your Dev Portal and in the top right corner, there will be a “Create Page” option where you can create your FAQ Page.

We hope this helps!

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found it thank you so much!!!

I believe my product is ready for stage. I have three questions

  1. How can I provide discount code to some users? I would like to offer a 25% discount to my subscribers.
  2. How can I test the build I uploaded just to ensure it works? I know my build works by itself, but I want to double check that uploading it into the store didn’t break anything.
  3. My game is still at alpha stage. How do I upload new versions of the game (if bugs were found by users), like a patch so users who purchased it can re-download it with bugs fixed?
    Thank you so much!

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