Publish/Subscribe pattern in Unrealscript?

As the title states, Iā€™m wondering whether there is a pub/sub pattern available in Unrealscript.

An example of where I might want to use this: If the player pawn has a specific power or weapon actor that is dependant on the the player also having a particular item in their inventory, Iā€™d like to subscribe to an ItemCountChanged() event in the InventoryManager class, such that it can perform some updates when the player drops a dependent item.

This is just a theoretical example.

Only the OwnerEvent mechanism for the UTInventory(Manager). But this is specifically for the Inventory and is used for example with the Jump Boots to get notified about the player jumping so it can remove a charge.
You could implement something similar in a more general way without too much work though.

Awesome. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: