Public Bug Tracker


I just wanted to throw this out there - it would be great to have a Public Bug Tracker. First of all, the Source is public (in the sense that we have access to it as subscribers), and people can do pull requests, if there was a public bug tracker the community could do more to help. Also, there are the other people who find bugs but don’t have the time to fix them and submit them back to Epic, and these people have no formal way to submit them.

Currently, what I’ve seen on the forums is everyone is directed to post their bugs on the ‘Answers’ page so they can be ‘tracked’. Answers pages are not really made for tracking bugs, they are for answering questions. I kind of feel they are being used as some sort of make shift bug tracker. Issues also easily get lost this way, and developers have no idea about the status of the bugs.

A bug tracker would also allow the community to more readily point out what the community feels are more ‘serious’ issues, that need immediate attention. And it doesn’t have to be ‘fully public’ just accessible to subscribers, and you could easily separate ‘community’ entered bugs from ‘developer’ entered bugs if you are worried about the tracker getting polluted.

That said, this isn’t a complaint. I’m just saying this community could be even better with one and a much more informed community at that.

This is an old thread but I wanted to chime in because there has been suspiciously little chatter on this. I often come across issues in our project where I’ll find an answerhub post with a TTP# assigned to the issue. There is rarely any follow up on these so I’m always left wondering what version the issue was reported on, whether the bug is still open and if it’s fixed what version it was fixed in.

In the release notes, there are lists of fixes but they have a UE-#### format. These seem to be different tracking systems as the TTP#'s are 6 digits and the UE ones are 4. It feels like there’s no way for us to independently validate when the bugs we’re interested in are fixed :frowning:

Hi everyone,

This is something we are looking into for the future, but I do not have an adequate timeframe of if/when this will be implemented. But we are looking into it!

To address your specific point about the UE vs TTP, we changed systems a few months ago from TTP to a new system, which is why the numbers started to change. TTPs have been moved over to the new system.