Public Apology to the Community and also the Moderators

I have not been to unreal slackers on discord in about a month and a half.

During that time, I went to the streams channel and posted that I was streaming in my discord server, so I posted an invite. I hit up a few other channels during that time, as I usually do and then streamed my content for about 4 hours and also during that time, i didn’t check any of my messages. Apparently I was banned last month and I didnt even know it until today when I tried reaching out to the community for assistance in a major problem that I am having.

I am apologizing for doing that on 3 different occasions during the last 12 months. I am learning how to grow my business and to become a streamer and I didn’t pay close enough attention to the discord rules. It’s my fault, and I broke the rules and I am owning up to it right now.

I was digging for a method to apologize to the discord moderators and this seems to be the only available method to reach them. I sincerely apologize to the discord moderators for doing their job by warning me through the bot and not heeding it.

Could you DM me your Discord username, i can look into the reason.


Shabbat Shalom Kaos,


The reason why was because I didnt read the rules carefully enough. I do streaming through my discord, not Twitch, so when I started my streams up, I would post my discord channel rather than a different 3rd party streaming serivice.