I don’t know if it’s possible.
I’m doing a lot tutorials to realize “the perfect unwrap”.
If I use Vray or Octane I don’t care how textures are applied. Mostly I use cubic or planar mapping assigning to several ids.
When we export the geometry into UE4 we have to unwrap everything and check overlapping faces in uv space.
I heard about ptex but this technology is not implemented yet in UE4.
I would like to know if it can help us.
Are there DX/Ogl or hardware limitations?


Hello gabrielefx,

After looking into your question I found that due to hardware limitation this is not a viable solution for real time rendering. This is due to the shear amount of data that would need to be pulled for every face on every frame. I hope that this answers your question.

Make it a great day

There are ways to do it in realtime, mostly surrounding virtual texturing which has a similar goal anyway.