Ptera flying sideways

Hey all,

I have created a new version of the Ptera. All was working well until I tried to scale it up to be a bit larger. Now it flies side ways. Character model and dino face the same direction, but its like it flys in the direct that its left wing is pointing. Any idea what could cause this? I did not copy over any animation files as the dino WAS working fine with out them. But do I need to copy over separate animations or something? Everything moves fine, just the sideways flying is a bit odd. I cant find any other issues on here with that happening.

Thanks for your time!

for any one else experiencing this, i figured it out. Wild Card for some reason puts a -90 rotation on the dino to make it fly straight. I had cleared that on accident. Seems like they should have built it right, but whatever. Thats the fix, add that back

I have this problem with my Thylacoleo which I’m trying to make rideable without saddle. Everything works fine, except the problem you mentioned. How did you adjust that? In what file? And somehow I noticed that when I jump when mounted, the Thyla stays in that “falling animation”… is there anything else I need to change or is that just because of the dev kit that it shows it so weird?

For the Thylacoleo, you cannot make a copy of it and edit like a normal dino. you HAVE to make a child. This will solve your problem. Only dino I have found that requires this.

Thank you very very much, I’ll try that! By any chance, do you as well know how I can change the way a dino is walking? Like I tried to make an own Equus, copied as well everything and stuff does work, except the fact, that they won’t adjust to the terrain anymore. So like when you walk up a hill with a vanilla dino, they adjust to it to stay with all feet on the ground, but with copied ones, they keep staying straight, like they would be standing on flat terrain. Any idea how to solve that? Tried already a few things but nothing worked ^^’

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

Hmm I have never seen that. You could always try to make a child of the dino…

Yeah I just noticed that it really works fine if you make a child of the BP. Works as well now with the Thyla, thanks again :smiley:
I guess I’ll do all the dinos that way, makes a lot of things easier.
Now next step will be a passenger seat ^^

Hi XRevieX have you achieved progress with the passenger seat i was trying it too and it basicly would work but the passenger character is sideways or just dont in his right position the rider FpV works fine tho only the character is weird…

Oh yeah I had that problem too, but luckily it’s pretty easy to fix.
Just go into your skeleton where you as well added the passenger socket. Click on it and it will usually already stay at the select and rorate tool, otherwise just click on the tool at the top of the window.

Then you see a green, red and blue 1/4 circle. For me it was the green one I needed to change. So just click and hold on it and a circle will appear, with which you can rotate your character on the dino either clockwise or against it. You of course need to look in what direction you need to change it and yeah, try it out like that till your character is sitting correctly.

You can of course play through the editor, click eject or how it’s called to be able to look at your character and edit the skeleton right away, so you can see live how the position of your character changes.

I’m not that good in explaining it, I hope you know what I am talking about xD

By the way, does anyone of you know how to add a second attack to a dino? I’m working on a bigger and rideable Hyeanodon right now, but I somehow can’t add a second attack so it will do anyhting when I press right click on my mouse. I changed the setting under AI in the plueprint, but i guess that’s not all, since it won’t work. Anyone having an idea?