Psychokinesis Force

Psychokinesis Force


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Price - 49.99

Short description

A Flexible Force pack of Telekinesis and Teleportation system, as component easily can be added to any actor, and provides dozens of editable values.
Can be used as advanced force or magic system in any project.
Long Description**

Customizable - Telekinesis template, with advanced features and many editable values, can be attached to any character as blueprint component,
with it you can grab and put any physics object and character actors - throw them and crush them with the power of thought.

Also i provide you additional Customizable - Teleportation system, with it you can teleport wherever you looking at, you can even pass through walls and floors, and even ceilings! Those abilities can be limited or disabled as well, also you can teleport through photo-images or portals that are ready to use and easy setup.
Technical Details**

-Both systems can be used on First person and Third person characters (both are included in example map).

-Commented blueprints and clean logic, you can examine how this is done and fit it to your needs.

-Each power does have many editable values and it is plug and play, just attach component - bind input and it works.

-Also i am planning to expand this pack by adding one new power periodically, you can type your ideas in comments - which power you want to see next in this pack.

Platforms tested - only Windows

Intended platforms are (PS4, XBox One, and Windows)

Documentation will be provided as video-tutorial.

Here is tutorial video.

This thread can be used as support page.**

Would be cool if you could grab specific body parts or phys mesh instead of just capsule. Otherwise awesome work!

Any plans for multiplayer support?

Hello and Thanks! Well phys mesh is grabbing when mesh is simulating physics, while it’s not it is grabbing capsule so character could still functioning, i will progress with physical mesh component to make char mesh to be bound to capsule while in telekinesis,
it will also add a feature so character could get-up from ragdoll after they hit hard.

About multiplayer no, i am not good at MP logic, so if anyone wants he can try to replicate those events to work in MP.


Overall, looks interesting, but multiplayer sure wouldn’t be trivial…

Well i can look into it on later updates, if it will be possible i’ll add that feature, but cannot promise anything.


Looks really fun to include in a game but what I need to know is…

Can I use it in a NPC? I mean if I want to have a boss that can do for example, grab assets from the scene and then trow those items to the player. Can I do that with your blueprints?

Well this is possible, but not out of the box yet, this uses pawn’s control rotation to hold grabbed actor in front of view, you can make an NPC to focus actor, grab him, and use timelines or some other way to control it.
In later updates i will probably add a event for throwing grabbed actors to custom targets, so NPC’s could throw assets to player or other actors.