PSY Gangnam Style done Goblin Style (Just because I can)

My version of free project Fridays. :smiley:

Actually I started of Thursday but don’t tell the boss. :smiley:

Thank You Epic and Mixamo for the free toys

:D:D:D Awesome!

LMAO … you need to do a whole music video … **** fine job. 8-}

ha, nicely done:)

Tanks :smiley:

hehehe yeahhhhh I think I’ll stick with the “Just because I can” projects". I do silly things as part of my learning process with toys in hand. From start to finish this blast took about 24 hours so 90% of the credit goes to Epic and Mixamo for making quality toys to play with. :wink:

hahaha, super fun, never thought someone can reach this point of humor using this ugly faced character :slight_smile: