Pseudocode nodes

I really enjoy Blueprints over C++. There have been countless tutorials I have been able to replicate with blueprints that were made for teaching C++, however there is one small feature I really wish was available in Blueprints that traditional coding offers, and that is Pseudocoding.

This could be a simple “blank” node with an input and output that can have a field that allows the programmer to input the pseudocode. When ran the node is just ignored and is passed through. It could be called “Pseudo Node” or something like that. Obviously it can be named whatever.

The big reason for this is planning purposes, especially for people who have a traditional background in programming and use pseudocode often. As it stands the only way to accomplish something like this is to either create a bunch of Custom events or functions and even then it’s limited to what you can fit in the title, or worse using a print string node then the screen is flooded with messages when ran. These are workarounds but not really great workarounds.

Maybe to expand upon it down the road, there could be an option to right click and turn Pseudo Node into a node/event/function. It’s just a thought and something I think would be useful for the people who would use it.

Again just a suggestion.

Thanks for reading!