Pseudo-anisotropic metals using 4.11 hair shader?

While experimenting with the 4.11 Hair Shading Model for NeoFur, I found it used Tangents instead of Normals. I knew that there was some type of anisotropic approximation, so i decided to try and use some anisotropic tangent maps and make some anisotropic metals.

Pretty cool to play with, and I imagine some people will find this very useful. Perhaps there is more to it than I understand? Perhaps this is a bad idea for some reason? I’m not certain, but it seems cool so I wanted to share!

(PS: If you are looking for anisotropic tangents…just google for them, there are a bunch out there!)

was just now, setting up to test just this same thing with the hair shader. thank you for the head start!

That’s really cool! Perfect for some nice brushed metals.
Is there something else that differ from the standard material other than Tangents instead of normals?

And finally i can pick up my CD-rom simulator game again, he he

Yeah, it’s definitely meant for hair primarily, and there are a bunch of other differences between the shaders. Still worth experimenting with if you are interested in it though!

Very cool idea, I’m glad to see other people poking at this in creative ways. I’ve just started playing with it myself to create kind of fiber optic hair but don’t have anything substantial yet. Thanks for sharing!