PSA for Marketplace sellers: Scam alert - Do not send direct download links to buyers

Hi all! Yesterday we discovered a scammer that was emailing some of our sellers with fake receipts asking for a direct download link to their files because the files wouldn’t download. Then if the seller didn’t hurry up, the scammer would insult them and demand a refund. We researched everything on our end to test the pack downloads and to try to look up the order information provided. We discovered there was no download problem, the receipts were fake, and the order IDs were also fake, but were the right number of digits.

If you receive an email from someone asking for a direct link to the files, DON’T SEND IT. Instead, do this:

  1. Ask them for a copy of their emailed receipt. It will contain their Epic ID (the email address they sign into and the launcher with), and an Order ID, which is a single letter followed by 16 digits, like this: A0000000000000000
  2. Send that information to

We will respond as quickly as possible to verify the purchase and test the download to make sure everything works. It is very easy for us to verify a purchase and we fix download problems promptly. If the buyer gets upset with you, tell them it’s in Epic’s hands and send them to us.

[update] Apparently the scammer is threatening to leave bad ratings as well. Don’t worry, this is not possible. Our system verifies whether or not you’ve purchased a pack before allowing you to rate it, and if they try to leave negative comments, inform us and we’ll remove them. [/update]

I’m having issues with one particular pack which I’ve talked to the seller about. I’ve also emailed your department about it. Isn’t there a way the sellers can check out who has purchased from them other than the rating system so they can confirm the payments, purchase, etc? If not it sounds like that may be something worth looking into. Of course people will try anything to get something for free or skim a buck.

Right now it’s something only Epic can verify, but allowing a seller to verify sales is something we’ll look into for the future.

Was it you that I just replied to on the marketplace-support email account? If not, can you PM me information on which pack you’re having trouble with? Thanks!

Yes I believe it probably was. About the Modular SciFi Hallways. SE_JonF has been very supportive in trying to relay information to me about what he learns. I never thought to send in a ticket about it until I read this post heh.