PSA: Don't update your visual studio 2015 to update 3.

The current version of UE4 doesn’t support update 3 of VS2015.

More info here: Build Failed with VS 2015 update 3 - UE4 AnswerHub

I didn’t see an announcement or anything anywhere on the forum so I figured I would make a post to help some people avoid headache.

If anyone knows of a way to revert to update 2, let me know.

Hm I thought that even Update 2 breaks everything in UE 4. I’m still using VS with Update 1 :slight_smile:

Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates -> find the one you don’t like -> Uninstall

Are you some kind of wizard? Thanks a ton, man. I couldn’t find this anywhere… I feel like an idiot.

For some Reason this doesnt works for me after a week of trying everything i could find on the Net, I uninstalled UE4 completely. Makes no sense under this circumstances. :frowning:

Lol for some Reason Windows now decided to uninstall the update and everything is fine again…


Update 2 works, but update 3 broke everything even after uninstalling it (the update only) :frowning:
Any ideas when things will work with update 3?

I tried this but it didn’t work:

I think I’ll have to do this :frowning:
Blam is right

Weird, for some reason my VS2015 Update 3 works just fine with UE4 :expressionless:

4.12.5 apparently fixes the issues with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

4.14 broken again