PS4/Xbox/Console Online Multiplayer?

Hello, I recently got the hang of working with blueprints and online multiplayer using Steam, but let’s say I get a license to develop for PS4 or Xbox One, how would I go around using their service for this? For Steam, I had to add into the “DefaultEngine.ini” file a few lines of code which allowed me to use Steam’s service for multiplayer, but how about multiplayer on consoles?

I would love to know the answer to this, did you ever figure it out?

All in all it depends on what console and its specific SDK, wait until you get approved and then figure it out later :wink:

Same way :slight_smile: OnlineSubsystem is made to support multiple online services under same API and when you get console access you gonna have PSN and Xbox Live OnlineSubsystemes that you can use. As long as the features you use are there they will work on same nodes and APIs as Steam is that the whole point of OnlineSubsystem.

One issue is there something called “Advance Sessions” which is 3rd party plugin and i im not mistaken this is Steam exclusive as it direly communicates with Steam, so if you use that when this won’t work on other platforms (well maybe it would work if you has Steam librires working, but console manufactures won’t let you use it mostlikely)

Remember that Internet works the same on any device there 0 diffrence only paltfrom on what program is running, so theoreticaly any UE4 client can connect to any UE4 server regardless on what platform they running, only diffrentce is online subsystems which is only social features (and optional in matter of fact… except of consoles as they will require you to use them for any multiplayer interaction)