PS4 Slim Micro-stutters

So me and my 3 roommates all play fortnite on ps4. They all have regular older versions of ps4’s (no slim or pro). I have the playstation 4 slim. We all share the same fiber optic internet connection so im almost certain the problem isn’t on my end. Whenever we play the game we all experience the same choppy play (the standard server lag all ps4 players are facing). On my PS4 Slim there’s at least twice as much lag. I still get the same server lag its just my game drops FPS (im not 100% sure what it is). Resulting in micro-stutters the whole game. It’s unplayable in the current condition. BUT whenever i play on one of my buddies PS4’s i dont experience the same fps drops. Some im wondering if fortnite isn’t properly optimized on the PS4 slim.
thanks for reading yall.

Hey, dombiano!

These forums are for UE4 development so it’s unlikely you will get answer you’re looking for. Please, use Fortnite forums instead where developers can read your feedback.

Thank you for understanding!