PS4 Dualshock controller does not work in UE4 projects

It was working good before 4.10.2 i think, but then suddenly stopped. Works ok in other games, does not work in any default template project.
Dualshock is connected to win10.1 x64 using a usb cable.

Hi Yata,

DualShock 4 controllers were not supported in 4.10 and aren’t in 4.11. At least not natively. You’ll need to use a third party tool like DS4Windows.


Yes, my fault, I was misguided, we were using xbox1 controller before.

Are there any plans to add ds4 native support in 4.11+ releases?

Is there any news on that? For me it’s still not working in 4.14.
It’s working natively in windows, so not sure why it’s not supported in UE4…

Hey norlin,

I don’t believe we plan to support the PS4 controller natively. It is only on a per-game basis. Most of the people that can answer this question are at GDC right now, but I believe it may have something to do with what we are permitted to ship with the engine without the user being a PS4 developer.