PS4 development

I was accepted to be a licensed PS4 developer and when i got on devnet and Confirm my developer status this was over a week ago and haven’t heard a thing from epic. does anyone have any idea why its taking a long time or have i missed something? any help would be much appreciated.


Have you contacted Epic licensing?

No I have not i will give that a shot

do i go and fill out the custom licensing or is there another way to get a hold of them?

I think so; didn’t heard of any free user publishing on console.
They’ll proly require a signed contract($) from you.

No, for UE4 you just need to contact them about how to get access to the PS4 build of UE4. It’s free, but you have to be an already approved Playstation developer before you get access.

That’s real cool; funny how some expensive things have changed…

Well, not really free, still under the same licensing as what you do for PC–the whole 5% royalty and all that, just that you can get access to the console builds as long as you’re a Playstation/Xbox developer.

You can contact Chance Ivey or Alexander Paschall.