PS4 controller Combination

I want to know how to do combination like for example Hold R2 and Thumbstick up.

Thanks, :slight_smile:

Setup “held” values for them and assign boolean variables when they are held. Then just on tick use and AND gate connected to the 2 boolean’s with a BRANCH.

Can u put a screen shot PLz :smiley:

Not at the moment no.

It’s incredible simple.

Create a boolean for “R2 held”. on press set to TRUE, on release set to FALSE.

Do the same for Thumbstick Up.

On tick, get both booleans and plug them into an AND gate. Plug the result of that into a BRANCH. If the branch is TRUE, then do whatever it is you want to do.

I’m not sure that this is the most efficient way. Something that I feel would be more efficient is that when the R2 event fires, you can use a ‘Get’ for your other axis value, to make sure that thumbstick is up, this will stop you from checking every tick. If this will not work, feel free to correct me.

That only works if you are pressing the R2 button second. If its pressed first then it wont work correctly. There are ways to avoid having it on tick. Maybe do a for loop with a timer that kicks off 10 times every 20th of a second or something to check for the joystick movement then gives up. Really depends on what the scenario of usage is.