PS1 style character dev help

Hi guys so recently I’ve tried to go for a ps1 type of character which has all the segments separate from one another. (Separate objects) Hey all share one full body bone armature, but when I import it from blender into UE4 everything is sliced up into pieces? The bones are separated and of course the character. Is there any way to get around this? It’s my first time really getting into 3D character animation. So it’s all kinda new to me.

No idea what you are actually seeing/doing.

When you import modular characters you always use a full skeleton and compose the character within the blueprint via parenting and SetMasterPosrCompoment to drive their animations.

That’s what I’m confused about when I imported my character into UE4 from blender its not picking up the entire armature.
Below is a screenshot of the imported character, my guess I’ve made a mistake in blender somewhere?…204&height=677