PS1 Spiderman Intro remake in UE5

Hi everyone. Here is my last virtual production work using Metahumans, Faceware, Deepmotion and Nvidia Omniverse. A remake of the intro of Spider-man 2000 game wich I love. Hope you like it.

This is the full video:

And this is side by side with the original:


Greetings @ExviaStudio; I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for sharing your incredible remake of the Ps1 game “Spiderman’s” intro. Watching your side-by-side video was both a refreshing wave of nostalgia and awe-inspiring. :star_struck:

Kudos for the fantastic work done on this project!

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great job

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Thank you very much @Zezkaii I’m so happy to hear that kind of reactions with this video. It completely worth it!

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