PS VITA/3DS support?


unity released a set of tools which allows devs to run their games on the ps vita, i was just wandering if Epic has any plans to implement anything like that.

i personally love the vita and would love to develop for it.
and UE has ios support on it so why not vita? surely you should support dedicated gaming handhelds? it is a game engine isn’t it?

would be Epic (;)) if that happened.


As i know, Unreal 4 has no support for those, but unreal 3 does. But you cant with a normal license, you need a AAA license AND license from sony and microsoft to develop for those. Its something similar to developing for big consoles like the XBOne and PS4

yeah well for unity its for everyone, you just have to apply for a dev key or something like that off of sonys website (which is free) and you can make games for vita using unity.
basically the vita is becoming the ultimate indie gaming device cause publishing games on it is completely free. for 3ds however, you have to pay just like XB and PS4.

and unreal engine 3 doesn’t support the vita or 3ds does it? i know it supports XB360 and PS3 but not vita or 3ds.