Proze: how we setup phys realistic vehicles in UE4

Hi, my name Arthur!

During the development, we recorded tutorial videos on the preparation vehicles models in Modo and settings of realistic physics of heavy trucks using the standard Unreal Engine vehicle system and want to share with you

We work on story-driven action/adventure game Proze based on the real events of the secret Soviet experiment conducted in the 70s and its consequences in our time.
In Proze we use photogrammetry and we travel all our country (Ukraine) in search of suitable and most unusual places. We decided that the whole level design will be based on real places. We also use our budget motion capture solution.

This our tech trailer:

Realistic vehicles intro video:

Link to all series:

if you have questions you welcome)

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Is it about optics or does it manage vehicle handling as well?

both and optics and handling and physics