Proxy and Ports for educational institutions

Dear developers,

I am a teacher in Munich, Germany who would like to use the Unreal game engine in his computer science class and who would like to share his experience with other teachers here in Munich/Germany.

I can install the launcher on the computers in our classroom, but when the launcher tries to install the engine, it stops with an error, which suggests, that the proxy is stopping it from doing so.

I have already read the corresponding entry in the support-center, suggesting, that I have to open some ports and add a exception to the proxy:…launcher&p=all

The network of the school is not managed by me but by administrators, whose area of responsibility is for ALL PCc of ALL public schools in Munich. Due to this the chance to persuade them to open up some ports or to add a exception is zero.

In my point of view it should be possible to modify the launcher in a way that the user can change the default values for the used ports and to enter the values for a used proxy in the launcher itself. At least I have seen so in may other software (Firefox, Antivirus…). Can this be implemented or is there another work-around?

Thanks in advance!

Dear developers,

is there no answer to this?

Thanks in advance!

This question has been asked lots of times before… Try doing a search using keywords: education / academia…

You can always install UE4 from Launcher to a PC / Laptop that’s outside the network first, or download source.

Then just copy the engine folders to a target PC inside the network via USB sneakernet or drive-share file-copy.