Proximity Doors opening with CineCamera possible?

I’m at a complete loss at the moment, and am not sure even how to phrase this issue I am having - but i’ll do my best. Currently i’m in need of something that I’m quite frankly not sure is possible, but wanted to check with the community before I give up :frowning:

Right now, I have a proximity BP Door that opens perfectly when I hit Alt + P In-game and move through etc. My problem is, I need to make a cinematic flythrough with the doors opening when I go through (no player visible). So right now, any CineCamera actors I create are non responsive to the proximity of those doors as I fly through them. Is there a way at all, that I can achieve the proximity doors to open as I approach them with the CineCamera? And NOT “In-game”?

TLDR: Is it possible to have proximity based doors opening with the position of a CineCamera as opposed to the default In-game (Alt-P) Player Start?