Proximity Based Reverb Level - Set Reverb Settings Issues

I’m currently doing some testing/research into how I can implement a dynamic, proximity based reverb system, but am only running in to problems. The idea is that the distance between and sound actor and the player would determine the level of the reverb volume, which in theory sounds fine and is fairly easy to implement. After creating this system, and it not working, I tried doing a quick debug test to make sure things were acting like I thought they should, and it turns out they’re not.

I’ve set up a very simple key system to adjust the volume of the reverb within an audio volume like this…

The problem is that I can change the settings of the reverb, but once and only once. Not matter what the setting, be it making the volume level louder or quieter, I can use either G or H to change the setting, but neither key will then make a change after that point. Is there something that I am missing in regards to how the audio volumes work or how the reverb settings are applied?

The end result is to have the reverb volume updated every tick based on the distance from player, which would allow me more control over the exact change in perspective, but if this is not possible, it would be good to know.


I don’t have time to deeply dig into the issue, but it looks like the reverb settings in the audio volume only get applied when you change audio volumes. It only ever gets the current reverb settings when transitioning to a new audio volume. I suspect if you walked out then walked back into the audio volume, the reverb would be set.

It’s highly likely you won’t be able to do what you’re trying to do using audio volumes with some C++ engine features. You might be able to do something with ActivateReverbEffect (BP function), though I’m not quite sure about that either.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunate that there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this, even in C++. Are there any plans to implement a more flexible auxiliary/reverb system in engine, or is this something that would generally be left to audio middleware to handle?

Yes, I’m working on an multi-platform audio mixer backend which will allow us greater control of reverb, dsp graphs, and allow for user-created/3rd party audio effect plugins.