Provisioning Files not found?

Hi, i have an error when i try and build my code.

Check dependencies

Code Sign error: No provisioning profiles found: No non–expired provisioning profiles were found.

I’ve been told before this is because i am packaging it for IOS, and i found the button to change it, but it makes a window pop up with all my files in. What am i supposed to do?
(Note i am using XCode)

Are you actually trying to build for iOS? If you are, run through the quick start:

It seems confusing and difficult at first but it’s actually fairly simple, just follow the steps exactly.

No, I am building for mac at the moment because i’m using one.

I am following this quickstart tutorial: Unreal Engine CPP Quick Start | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation
It’s fine up until the building, then nothing works. Please help!

Also, do you have to build for the platform you are testing on? In other words; can i build it for windows but still playtest on my mac?