Provision not found

Hi, I have a problem when trying to build an iOS app for version 4.15.3. An error occurs:

PackagingResults: Error: No error message was found. A device is required to deploy your application.
PackagingResults: Error: Error Signature not found. The application can not be digitally signed because the signature key is not configured.

To solve the problems, I deleted the files of the provisions, certificates, deleted the contents of the folders Binaries, Build, Intermediate and Saved, and rechecked the configuration files and the .plist file for the BundleIdentifier parameters mismatch, all this did not help. I attach the log and the settings of the platform.

Hey Sertac Ogan,
Yes i turned on “For Distribution”.

Hey 74pro,

Did you checked “For Distribution” in Project Settings? Because you have Distribution Certificate. If you do not want to publish then you need Development Certificate.

Project Settings > Packaging


Is there still a problem?