Provision not found, signing key not found errors, valid provision file and certificate 4.19.1

I’m having a problem that seems to have gone around here a number of times but I’m not finding a solution. I’m trying to build to my iPhone to test and I’m receiving errors. My provision and certificate are valid. I’m on a MPB running high sierra and UE4 4.19.1

Edit: I should say, I’m also using the free certificate through xCode, not

I am having this issue as well. I’ve done exhausting searching on the topic and found many fiddly workarounds in previous UE4 versions but none seem to work.

What is strange is that on a Friday I was building no problem, come Monday, Provision not found. I am using an enterprise cert/provision, building development iOS. Using OSX Sierra, xCode 9.2, UE4 4.19.1 nothing changed over the weekend with the computer (no updates or reboot).

Since, I’ve revoked and remade both the cert and provision. Deleted mobileprovisions from the lib folder, moved the date forward a day, put the cert into the builds/ios folder… nearly every suggested fix and work around to no success. Whats up with this?

Were you guys able to find a solution? I’m having the same problem