Provision file can't import [4.8.1]

I have done all the steps of [iOS Game Development][1] but I can’t import my provision file either from engine or by using iPhonePackager.

in the iPhonePackager, it imports the .mobileprovision file as well as .cer and .key file, but its not show me the green check mark. and clicking ready to package won’t make any difference.

I tried to import the certificate file in engine and it imports it very well, but whenever I try to import the .mobileprovision first it tells me the my mobileprovision file is already exist and whether I want to replace a new one or not, after I click OK, and gives the engine the provision file, after some seconds of thinking it says "No Provision Found. Please Import a Provision. and of-course the packaging and lunching is not working. they say we need the provision file…

I restart my PC, trying to fill bundle information fields but nothing changed so far…

what on earth should I do now!?

Setting Up an Unreal Engine Project for iOS | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Hey Goerge,

In order to better assist you, we’re going to need screenshots and for additional information.

If you want to update your mobile provisions within the editor, please follow these steps:

  • Edit
  • Project Settings
  • Platforms > iOS
  • Import Provision
  • Import Certificate

Once you’ve done that, you can look over to the right within the project settings and press ‘view: all’ or ‘view: valid only’ and it’ll show you the provisions and/or certificates that you have available for use.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

the problem was about my USB security program. It was a kind a program which limit USB devices for security reasons.

I have asked the admin to disable it for a moment and the engine got OK.
by the way same problem happend to me when I was to try a new project with same provision file, but it solved again when i filled the Bundle information…

The funny thing is that the engine still says that it doesn’t know my provision files but it’s working with it very good.

Hi , me and some others had the same issue, we overcame this issue, but therse still some usefull info for future it helps if u read it.

hope i could help :slight_smile: