Provable idea's on white papers and research that EPIC staff should look at

Hey, Been on here for a while now. One thing ive noticed is a lot of the new advances members are making, staff say they never had seen a paper on the subject (Fabrik for example). Epic have a page already for feedback on idea’s but this thread is aimed at pointing out the cutting edge white papers and if you can show it your own idea’s. This is not a general user aimed thread.

This is aimed at Epic Devs to be able to come onto their own relevant idea’s thread but guided by advanced users to try to point out new idea’s and workflow that maybe haven’t been spotted by staff. Also aimed for Epic devs that maybe don’t know what other sections are doing within epic to bounce idea’s and make suggestions, Let the network staff pass idea’s transparantly to blueprint devs with the community able to see interactions for example (that generaly spawns idea’s in others being able to view these converstions).

Right, So for the first thing that im pretty sure no one is looking at is Compact Precomputed Voxelized Shadows. Ive been looking at Sparse voxel idea’s for a good year, SVOGI is not a solution. That me and devs can agree on, But as UE4 does bake static shadows this is a no brainer & should well lead onto dynamic solutions down the same road. Check the paper people (siggraph 2014):

Compact Precomputed Voxelized Shadows

This is only one example, I could add 10. But the idea being others join in to make this relevant for all.

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I may be wrong, but I believe these are not in Epic’s field. NVidia and AMD already pay scientists to develop this kind of things and distribute APIs of which latter companies like Epic implement in their game engines.
Than the OpenGL foundation reproduces all the new hot features as well.