Prototype To Polish: Slope Based Walk Speed

Hey all,

Prototype to Polish is a side gig I’ve started to do over time, previously as small tutorials on my personal account, but recently in a more official capacity with its own accounts for Epic, Twitch, Patreon, etc. I create blueprint content, much of which is free and available for people to download and use in personal or professional projects. Overtime, I plan on creating more in depth / larger projects and to start streaming more frequently, get Patreon up and running for real if there is interest, etc.


This was an old project I worked on years ago when a student thought it was strange that walking up a hill with the third person character was just as fast as walking on a flat surface or downhill. At the time, I used line tracing to see where the character was moving toward, up or down hill, but then found the surface hit was already defined inside the character movement component.

So we didn’t need to do any extra tracing. Instead I use the surface normal of the current floor hit and the velocity direction to find our incline rotation. Using the resulting pitch we can drive our character’s speed with a curve / some variables.



The project is still a work in progress as I have yet to create extra lean animations for moving up or down a hill, a sprint animation, and foot and spine IK to better conform to the hills. But, I wanted to start getting these out and available.

Not the most exciting blueprint project but hopefully it helps someone,