[Prototype] ProjectD2

Gameplay Video:

Remaking “Army of Darkness” with unreal engine.
Side-scroller action game. The objectives are kill enemies and destroy enemy base. Killing enemy will gain gold, gold can be used to buy troop. Knight has higher HP and lower attack, while archer has lower HP and higher attack.

The target of the final project could be cartoon or anime style. There also unique player hero has with unique skill and troop set with stategic gameplay.

WASD - Move

Playable Hero:

Warrior: Higher HP, lower attack

  • Skill 1: Reduce received damage.
  • Skill 2: Regen HP and increase attack.

Archer: Lower HP, higher attack

  • Skill 1: Push and deal damage.
  • Skill 2: Increase attack and attack speed.

Hey @Hexavx !

What you have so far is very cute! I might peek at it on itch.io when I have the time as I remember playing Army of Darkness: Defense as an intro to my tower defense addiction. I absolutely adore the little models and I’m very curious and eager to see the game as it further develops. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to your next update! :star_struck:

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Thanks for your interest. Please note that the asset used in the prototype is sourced from the marketplace and is intended for demonstration purposes only.

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Hey @Hexavx !

Thank you for letting me know. If it is alright to ask, which asset is it that you’re using? I’d very much like to look at similar work of the individual you’re using because it seems like a good base.

I am using this asset:

Because I found a considerable number of character assets that can be used.

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Update p1.1

  • Added new type of enemy (Giant). He will spawn after the first base is destroyed
  • Rework player character, add the third skill (ultimate skill), it require MP charge. MP is regenerate over timer and acquired when killing unit.
  • Adjusted unit cost (Knight 100 → 60, Archer 100- > 120).
  • Huge rework to all characters stats.
  • Add settings options (Escape key).

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