Prototype Gameplay Tools: Room Builder

Each time I’m prototyping new game I’m using such system to create gameplay spaces faster than using static meshes or BSP. Was using this in first person, third person and isometric/topdown game prototypes. It can help graphics artist and level designers to decide which spaces will work with gameplay before even creating modular meshes.

Showcase video:…


  • Grid based room generation,
  • Using instanced static meshes to improve performance,
  • Customize grid size,
  • Add empty spaces,
  • Add platforms,
  • Change walls scale,
  • Create predefined childs for reuse,
  • Separate materials for walls, ground, ceiling and platforms,
  • Customizable world based grid material,
  • Automatic room info text generation,

I know you can use grid/modular meshes to prepare spaces. This tool should be used before even deciding about spaces and creating modular meshes. For me it’s much faster than using meshes. What do you think guys?

It’s live on marketplace:

Hey, nice idea. Here is a feature you should consider adding (if you haven’t already): remove overlapping instances between Builder blueprints. It would allow placing overlapping rooms by preventing z-fighting and sharing “Empty Locations” (doorways) which will help speed up creating connected rooms a lot.

Great idea! Will try to implement such thing for 1.1, thanks!

Cool asset, I can see how it could help in prototyping environments. Is it possible to add staircases between floors? Or would that be more of manual process, using multiple platforms?

Currently it’s manual process using multiple platforms, but I will think about it, thanks!

Hi there
any chance you could compile it for 4.23 preview?
just bought roombuilder and very excited to start using it, but it dont seem to work in 4.23p

Sure, will try and let you know.

4.21 support is live.

Edit: Checked on 4.23 - working without a problem, submitted update for 4.23 support.