Prototype Gameplay Tools: Advanced Trigger

Prototype Gameplay Tools: Advanced Trigger is custom trigger Actor which supports lot’s of functionalities out of the box.

[Showcase]](Advanced Trigger for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube)


  • Click on trigger, not only borders (you can use “T” to click behind trigger)
  • See exactly where the trigger is in 3d space
  • Change trigger pivot
  • Both Box and Sphere triggers are supported
  • Trigger count functionality
  • Trigger reuse timer functionality (this will enable Tick which is disabled by default)
  • Trigger filter by actor classes
  • Trigger filter by advanced conditions (eg. player only, AI only etc) User can create custom conditions
  • Trigger will inform Actors using interface
  • Dispatchers for Level Blueprint / Other Blueprints usage,
  • Change trigger color, opacity, line colors, border colors
  • Change trigger appearance when trigger is disabled
  • Handy debug text information
  • Visual Logger support for quicker debugging