[PROTOTYPE] Expandable cable

Hello guys,

It’s been a while I’m using Unreal Engine 4 now, usually I manage to prototype (roughly) all my game design ideas but today I’m stuck.
I found this game, developed for an Epic Games Game Jam:

And I just love it. I played it a lot and I’m interesting in that mechanic.
I really want to replicate the design to create my own level designs and mechanics.

The issue is that I have no clue how this is achieved, I would like some advices if you know how it is done or if you have prototype ideas that I could exploit.
I’m only talking about the cable system (lenght of the cable, collision detection, physics etc).
I already tried the cable systems, and even if it looks like it, I’m not sure at all this is it, the cable system looks expensive and the collisions are not really proper compared to that game.

So if you guys have any idea where I could start to get the same result I’d love to hear from you.
Thank you very much :-).


I have the same rope working in a vr project. It also happens to be the same as what’s seen in Jet Island. Go figure.

You start with the basic “build a spline mesh for each pair of points in a spline”, and you just tack on an extra spline mesh that’s running on tick. The collision for this segment of rope is just a sphere trace between the player and the next point on the spline, so that if it crosses anything, add a point and add a splinemesh. To remove spline meshes, have another sphere trace run between the player and 2 points down the spline, if this sphere trace hits nothing, then remove a splice mesh and a spline point.