[Prototype] Anti-virus tower defense

Hey all, I made this thing! I came up with a bunch of ideas and decided to use this one to dive into learning blueprints. It is a tower defense based game where there is always code that flows from one point towards your cpu. Occasionally you will get bad code and that is what the ‘towers’ are for. As you clean code up you get new code to use as a resource to build better towers. That last part is faked so far.

I also tried to make things as friendly as possibly for building a level. You just drop a track BP in and shape it to how you want. Then some tagging for the CPU so they can work together

And some examples of my blueprints:

Love the look man. Reminds me of Tron and old Vector Games like Tank on the Vectrex. Awesome little machine that almost no one had and was like a mini arcade.

Heh thanks! It’s the pretty typical glowing lines look but there is a natural design angle I want to go further into depth with. The material needs to be adjusted so it can fit wide polygons better (as can be seen on the cpu). I am happy with how it’s come out so far though!